Saturday, December 26, 2015

To What Was, What Is and What Will Be - Farewell 2015

Every year, without fail, between Christmas and New Years my mind turns to the year that was, and the year that is to come. Almost always, there is a combination of thankfulness for all that has been learned (particularly true in the most challenging years), for my family, for friendships and hope for the year that is to come. I think about the sorts of things that will move me towards my goals - personal goals, professional goals and purpose goals. I think about what has held me back, and if there is anything that can be done about those things.

In recent months I haven't been blogging as much as I would have liked - not because there has not been anything to write about (indeed there has) but rather because lack of time, leads to a kind of neglect. Indeed, there have been numerous posts began, but never finished - on work, on maternal request cesareans, on the health system, on Parent Advisory Councils and the education system and on life. Posts have been begun, stale-dated and never posted - and I have missed blogging. The space where ideas are let loose publicly - the exercise of writing, both for my own understanding and to share my ideas with others. I hope to do more blogging again in the year to come.

On the work front, I am once again, reasonably happy. Once again, I find myself working for someone who is the kind of leader I would hope to be. Someone who truly values the abilities of his staff (and understands what those abilities are), gives meaning to work, and fosters a good work climate. Once again I am engaged - and for that I am thankful. Yet, I find myself thinking that less would be far more - and so in the year to come, I am hoping to move away from a full-time schedule so that I can make more room for work outside of work - the work on the this blog, the Cesarean by Choice Awareness Network, the work I do for my husband's firm, for writing and mothering & life. Simply put, there's 24 hours in a day, and in order to find balance and perhaps do more that means more, I must adjust - I must make time and space for that work outside of work. It appears at last, that that opportunity will come to pass in the year to come.

I am incredibly thankful to be in a position where that is possible - where I will be supported to find a better balance, and I am incredibly hopeful for what that means in the year to come. I am incredibly thankful for the people and circumstances in my life that has made the year ahead possible. Indeed, looking back at 2015 - the foundation has been laid for an incredible 2016.

To 2016 - and beyond, wishing all the best - health, happiness, friendship, love, hope and success.

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