Friday, April 27, 2012

Guidelines for Names

Mr. W and I believe that the final addition to our family is likely to be a boy - we certainly aren't going to paint the kids' room yet but we have given some thought as to what this final addition might be called. Of course the acquisition of any additional baby gear or the finishing touches on the room will wait until we get a more definitive answer on what Little Bean definitely is or isn't. We are having to wait for a more definitive answer as to what Little Bean is or isn't because VIHA implemented a policy in March of 2010 (after we found out what our daughter was) not to inform parents of the sex of their baby at the 18-20 week ultrasound. So while we definitely think we saw a penis, we don't know that what we think we saw is actually what we saw.

We have some general guidelines on naming children that worked very well in choosing our daughter's name and we will use them again this time around:

1. The name should be easy to spell.

2. The name should be difficult to mishear.

3. The name should be clearly male or female.

4. The name should not sound silly on a grown adult.

5. The name should be difficult to make fun of. (Note: kids are kids and if they can make fun of a name they will, but at the very least this should be a challenge.)

6. The name should be different from the last name. As such Benjamin Benson would be a no, no - as would William Williamson or Gunnar Gunderson.

7. Either parent can veto a name for any reason, both parents must agree on the moniker that is to be used.

8. The name should not be exceedingly common - so anything in the top 50 is out.

9. The name should suit the child. As such, if the chosen name does not 'fit' the child once it is born, an alternate name should be chosen.

Let the list making begin!

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