Saturday, February 18, 2012

Reasons Why I'm Choosing to Birth Away from Victoria General Hospital

From what I've heard there will be dedicated obstetric anaesthesiology at Victoria General Hospital in the very near future. I am thrilled that this is the case, as I believe that as a tertiary care facility, the women and babies who give birth there deserve to know that the care they need will be there when they need it. It is a long-overdue standard, that women giving birth in level 3 hospitals in every other province have had for a long time.

It doesn't change my mind about avoiding Victoria General Hospital when it comes time to welcome little bean into the world. Here's why:

1. I don't trust them to respect my explicit wishes for how I want my baby to be born. They didn't last time, and according to the PCQO a lack of dedicated obstetric anaesthesiology was not the problem.

2. A repeat experience at Victoria General Hospital might be triggering - I simply do not know if I am emotionally capable of handling being 'there'.

3. Continuity of care - if I go to Vancouver I can have the same care provider (an OBGYN) manage my pregnancy and deliver my child in the way I wish for my child to be delivered.

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  1. Mrs. W-

    I too, worry about number 2 on your list. When and if I have another child, it will most likely be in the same hospital that I had my daughter (and traumatic birth experience). I am hoping that I have had enough therapy to be able to separate the experiences. I also am hoping (like you) that my birth plan will be supported, thus making it a totally different experience. I am sorry that it is so difficult. Best of luck getting what you want out of your birth experience (and what you need and deserve.)-Lauren (