Friday, February 10, 2012

Wish List: The Business of Being Born Counter Documentary

I would like nothing more than if the next time a friend said to me, "You should watch 'The Business of Being Born'", I could respond with, "I have, and have you seen the counter-documentary that demonstrates how dangerous the ideas espoused in that movie really are?". Unfortunately, there is no counter documentary to direct my well meaning but mislead friends to. There is no "Beyond Reason: The Religion of Being Born", or "Juno Cries", or "Mothering Mortality", or "Balanced Birth". There's ample material for a movie, there is no shortage of compelling stories from women who have been harmed by the push for normal birth and more specifically 'natural birth' and at the extreme end the trend towards embracing homebirth. There's plenty of evidence out there to suggest that a more moderate approach could be very beneficial for both women and their babies. But as of yet, nobody has taken up the cause and made a documentary that exposes the Natural Childbirth movement for what it is: a religion that places process (vaginal, unmedicated childbirth) ahead of outcome (healthy mom and baby).

I am not a documentary maker, I am not a journalist, I am very much so just a blogging, working mom - who feels compelled to add her voice to the chorus of women who see the harm caused by over-zealous natural birth advocates. However, I very much so feel that this movie is overdue. The moderate mothering voice needs to recapture maternity care, needs to refocus on the true goal of giving birth: a physically and psychologically healthy mother and baby. That goal isn't realized by pushing women into natural childbirth. That goal will only be realized by empowering women with balanced information so that they can make the best choices that best meet their needs and those of their children.


  1. Mrs. W, I have the same exact sentiments. I would love to talk with you more about this privately. Could you please contact me via e-mail?

  2. Lauren - Expect an email in your inbox.

  3. I am so glad I found you guys! Everyone I know has been trying to push me into the natural birth corner; Im being called all kinds of nasty things and told that Im "too posh to push."

    I am firm, however, I will have an elective ceasarian.

    I would love, love, love to chat with you guys further!


  4. This is an awesome idea! I was thinking Nova or National Geographic, but maybe it's too controversial...well, whoever does it, I hope that it happens :) I would LOVE to be able to respond that way too!