About Me - Janice Williams (Mrs. W)

I am a mother, step-mother, wife, health economist, birth trauma survivor, blogger, women's health advocate and founder of the Cesarean by Choice Awareness Network who lives and works in Victoria, British Columbia. I started this blog when I was pregnant with my daughter who was born in July 2010 at Victoria General Hospital. Unfortunately the delivery was traumatic, as it was planned to be a cesarean delivery and ultimately was an unplanned and unwanted vaginal delivery without access to epidural pain relief. Largely as a way of coping with the aftermath of the traumatic delivery of my daughter, I began to blog more regularly in 2011. Since that time, I have made contact (through this blog and other online communities) with a wonderful community of women and care providers; I have started litigation with respect to the delivery of my daughter - in the hopes of preventing what happened to me from happening to others and getting retribution and closure for what happened to me; gave birth via elective cesarean to my son; and started a Facebook group - the Cesarean by Choice Awareness Network, for women and care-providers who support maternal choice cesarean delivery as a supportive place for women to connect and discuss maternal choice cesarean. I remain committed to improving maternity care for mothers and babies by raising awareness and understanding for the issues related to birth trauma and quality care during pregnancy, labour and delivery.

The litigation was discontinued in 2013 due to personal circumstances. However, the work of the Cesarean By Choice Awareness Network continues.

I can be reached via email at qualitycareforbcmothers@gmail.com.