Friday, December 28, 2012

Mrs. W's Comment Policy

Readers should know that I have a very liberal comment policy - basically unless it is spam, I do not delete. Readers should also know that I do not take responsibility for the comments that are made (they are the responsibility of those making them), as such I cannot vouch for the credibility of the comments made. It is up to the reader to assess the credibility and accuracy of the information they are reading (I will note that if I am making a factual claim in my blog, I will cite the source of the claim and would think that when a commentator makes a factual claim, they too should cite the source if they are wanting anyone else who reads it to give any weight to it).

I've taken this policy because maternal request cesarean is controversial and while I have decided it is an appropriate way for me to give birth, I will not assume that it is a good choice for all women - and that they should hear both sides of the debate and make such decisions for themselves in conjunction with their health care providers (people who are licensed and appropriately trained to provide medical advice in specific circumstances). I have an interest in women making decisions that are best for themselves in their own personal circumstances - and as such will not prevent women (or others) from reading or providing opposing views and opinions, even on my own blog. As such, I do not personally agree with or approve of all of the comments that have been made on this blog - some are perfect illustrations of the prevailing ignorance, misconceptions and misinformation that persists when it comes to maternal request cesarean and birth in general.

I love comments when they are left by readers and appreciate the purpose that having a comment section provides - I love the good, but also appreciate the bad and sometimes downright ugly ones too (and will admit that I love when I am not the only one to counter the bad or ugly comments that are left from time to time). The comments section has proven to be one of the most rewarding aspects to blogging - so please continue to leave them!

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