Sunday, January 5, 2014

Take Stock, Regroup, Just Keep Swimming

December was a personally rough month, as such it has been a while since I have blogged. Thankfully, there was a bit of a reprieve over the Christmas break and a few of the issues that were contributing to an overall feeling of being overwhelmed have been resolved and I have had some time to regain some perspective. Something that has been a channel for a lot of the anger I have over what happened and what I could do about it is looking untenable, and as a result I have been struggling. So I have needed to take stock, regroup, and move on.

On the stock front I have a lot to be immensely grateful for - I have a husband who I love. Between us we have four healthy children. We have stable jobs. We live in a beautiful city. I am immensely grateful that I have many good friends, and am immensely grateful to have met individuals who share a desire to change healthcare in British Columbia and Canada.

In terms of regrouping, I have made a commitment to myself to set aside an hour a day to exercise. I'm hopeful that it might be adequate to stave off some of the depression I seem to have developed. I'm hopeful it will give me time to think about how to move forward, and how to get closer to where I'd ultimately like to go. I'm hopeful that I can be a better wife and mother - and that I can find a better balance.

In terms of moving on - when one door closes, another may open. I'm hopeful I can do a decent job of identifying what those doors are and can have the courage and strength to walk through them.

All the best in 2014.

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