Thursday, August 21, 2014

Imagine Being Unable to Read - Save Literacy Victoria!

This morning I was shocked to hear that the only free resource for adults with literacy challenges in Victoria is going to be closing its doors as of August 31 due to a lack of funding. This is a tragedy in the making - and if it can be averted, it should be.

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to try to cope in today's world without an adequate level of literacy. Imagine being unable to apply on the vast majority of jobs. Imagine being unable to read and understand the directions on your medication. Imagine being unable to understand the directions to prepare your food, or that of someone you love. Imagine being unable to access the assistance available to you because you cannot fill out the forms. Imagine trying to be able to vote, but being unable to understand the ballot.

Literacy is a functional, foundational skill that enables and empowers individuals to engage in today's world. Without literacy, the risks of unemployment, poverty, homelessness, and disability increase tremendously. By improving the levels of literacy to those most in need of assistance, the ability of individuals to help themselves is dramatically increased.

In 10 days, Victoria will lose one of its tools (and perhaps one of the most effective ones) in the fight against crime, disability and poverty.

I note that the Literacy Victoria has a donate button on its website - maybe if enough people take action, maybe tragedy can be averted.

News Story: Literacy Victoria website

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