Friday, May 22, 2015

Gone, but not really

I packed up my office today. Took down the degrees. Placed my text books - now ancient volumes on Economics in a cardboard uHaul box. Miscellaneous other stuff (cute kid photos and what nots took up another two boxes). All of which is now sitting in the basement. It likely will not go anywhere, anytime soon, as my new haunt does not have cubicles or offices that are assigned. Rather, employees float from place to place and have a locker that is assigned to them. It is a a departure that does not feel like a departure...I suppose because technically I am still an employee, merely on secondment with a slated return in early December - but on the same token this leaving feels far more permanent than my maternity leaves.

And yet, my leaving lacked closure. Typically when staff leave, there's a gathering in the lunchroom - a card is sent around to be signed and an envelope takes up a collection. Veggies with dip. Cupcakes. Coffee. Parting words.

My parting words were limited - to a quick, "by the way I won't be here on Monday" tacked on to the divisional "stand-up" yesterday and a rather informal e-farewell I sent this afternoon before I shut my office door for the last time. A formal email had not even gone our by the time I had left early this afternoon (Friday's are half days for me - a modified flex schedule).

A decade, and...goodbyes were foreclosed upon. The formal paperwork only just signed yesterday.

Thankful for my colleagues, who have taken the time to do informally what could not be done formally.

In everything there is tuition value - some of the most valuable lessons bruise the soul.

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