Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sun Peaks Hit and Run Leaves Groom-to-Be in Serious Condition

There’s a bride-to-be who was less than 6 weeks away from what was supposed to be her wedding day. This time was supposed to be the start of a new life together – filled with planning and anticipation. This time was supposed to be the time when she should have been imagining the years ahead, of hoping and dreaming about their future together.

This past weekend, their dream turned into a nightmare. While at Sun Peaks, her fiancé was celebrating the upcoming nuptials with close friends. On the walk back to where he was staying, at about 3am on Sunday July 19, 2015, he was struck by a truck and sustained severe injuries.

The bride-to-be is now sitting by her fiancé’s side in a Kamloops hospital room. Praying, pleading for his health; he is in serious condition. The bright future that laid ahead for the couple, just a few days ago – now seems incredibly uncertain. The months ahead will be focussed on recovery and healing – coping as best as possible.

The prospect of the future is made even more uncertain as the person responsible for his injuries remains at-large. The driver of the truck that struck him did not remain on the scene and has not come forward – making a tragic and heartbreaking situation an order of magnitude worse.

It is hoped that the damage will be mitigated. That he will recover as best as possible from his injuries. That the person responsible will come forward, or that information will lead to his/her identification and that he/she will be held accountable. The family has posted a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the driver responsible being held accountable.

Anyone with information is asked to call Lambert and Williams Law Corporation at 250-589-2174 – information that leads to a criminal or civil conviction of the driver will be considered for a $10,000 reward. Police are seeking anyone with information about this hit and run as well.

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  1. That’s such a sad and tragic story but truth is that hit and run cases are increasing at an alarming pace. My cousin works with a DUI attorney Los Angeles and he was telling me how so many young ones do drunk driving and often then flee from the spot as they know if caught would be gone for good.