Monday, April 12, 2010

The 3-D Baby Bonus Ultrasound

This past weekend husband, stepson, myself and the bean went and had one of those 3D/4D ultrasounds done at the local 3D baby. Unlike a medical ultrasound, they can't give you any measurements or do anything diagnostic, but also unlike a medical ultrasound you can have more than your husband/adult other support person with you during the appointment *AND* you don't have to drink a gallon of water beforehand. The other difference is, you have to pay for the service - but given that we got a 20 minute ultrasound, 42 pictures on CD of our little bean, 2 printed pictures (a little on the small side, but with a photo printer at home its no biggie) and a DVD recording of the bean for $179 (plus tax) it really wasn't such a bad deal. My mom and my sister LOVE the in-utero pictures of their granddaughter/neice...

Our bean seems to be doing quite well at 26/27 weeks into the pregnancy...she's forming all those cute baby bits and appears to have all her fingers and toes.

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