Friday, April 9, 2010

The Backstory

So about 10 months ago we decided to become parents and my wonderful husband got replumbed to enable us to have a child together. He already had two kids and was half-way done the whole parenting thing (kids aged 8 and 12 at that time) - so I was and am very happy that he was open to starting again at diapers as I did not have any kids of my own.

He was under the very competent and capable hands of Dr. MacAuley and Dr. Taylor and while the hit to the bank account ($4800) was less than welcomed, the end result (should it succeed) would be more than welcomed. Note to anybody out there considering surgical sterilization - bank some, it's likely cheaper and less painful than undoing the decision later because while the medical system covers the vasectomy, when it comes to undoing it you are SOL. I was hesitant that it would work, or at the very least that it would work anytime soon, meanwhile DH was more than confident that he'd be impregnating me with nothing more than knowing glances across the room, I mean the first two kids he had weren't exactly planned. I was anticipating a year of trying before getting 'knocked up'...I was thinking well maybe by March 2011 I'd be bringing home baby W. Baby W is expected be joining us this July.

So the purpose of this blog is mostly to provide a place for me to type out my thoughts on new motherhood, stepmotherhood, pregnancy, parenting, life in general, etc. It's so that I can look back and know why I did what I did when I did it, and answer that inevitable question: What was I thinking?

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