Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Officially no longer @ work - let the last minute planning and prep begin!

Friday (June 25) was my last day of work at work. While I have this week off, I officially start maternity leave on July 4. So until July 2011, I am a 'free' woman. The weekend was like any other weekend, but it was odd not heading to the office Monday morning.

That being said, things are now getting done that haven't gotten done just because I haven't had time to do them. The master bathroom finally got cleaned out - with all of the expired and ancient (never going to use them) things thrown out. The laundry is actually 'caught up on' and our bed actually got fresh sheets and made. Further the floors got cleaned... The baby stuff is also all organized and I even have managed to buy some clothes for my step-daughter to get through the summer.

Even the miscellaneous administrative stuff is getting done. I might even get around to some of the other projects I've been meaning to get to (ie. wedding album and baby book) if this bean sticks to the plan.

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