Monday, September 26, 2011

Is it time for a 'counter-revolution' in Birth?

There's another voice in the birth debate that has been squelched in the last couple of decades by those who view a 100% natural birth experience as being superior to the medical alternatives. There's a bias in childbirth education classes. There's a bias on the web. It's not a scientific bias - despite what Ina M. Gaskin and Rikki Lake might have you believe. Worse - it harms women and babies by restricting their choices and leading them to make decisions that wind up making them (and their babies) worse off. It makes women who do not subscribe to their beliefs feel as though they've failed in mothering or parenting.

The voice of the 'Natural Child Birth' (NCB) movement is exceptionally loud - they have their figureheads and their documentaries ("The Business of Being Born").

The counter-voice is quiet and must be sought out - it exists but it seems less charged. Where is the anti-NCB documentary "Beyond Reason: The Religion of Being Born"??.

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