Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Need for Anti-Cynicates

I don't think I'm depressed - Angry, check - Cyncical, check - Depressed, nope not really. Angry and cynical...its a toxic mix for a girl who is typically easy going and optimistic. Unfortunately, I don't think there's anti-cynicates to cure me of the cyncicism...

I guess I'll just have to work with it.

On a side note - I've been actively researching options for baby #2. I really do not want to deliver at Victoria General Hospital again - not unless things change, which from the recent resignation of Dr. James Helliwell -does not look likely anytime soon. Call me crazy but I want to know that I will have access to anesthesia, it's not something I want to risk and in the absence of dedicated obstetric anaesthesia, I know exactly where on the priority list a maternal request c-section at Victoria General would be.

So where does that leave me...

Well there's choosing a mainland hospital - but neither Surrey Memorial nor Royal Columbian have dedicated OB anesthesia. So I may very well be faced with the same problem I had with VGH.

Only BC Children's and Women's hospital does have dedicated OB this would likely be my first choice. However, unless I am a "long-term patient" of the doctor/midwife who will deliver my baby at BC women's hospital, I am unlikely to meet the criteria which are found here:

It seems a little absurd, that the ONLY hospital in BC to have dedicated obstetric anesthesiology, is not available to ALL women in BC.



  1. I cannot believe that this is the situation women in one of Canada's richest provinces face. This is absurd, misogynistic and disgusting!

    Frankly m'dear, I think you should be shopping around for a lawyer, perhaps ahead of an OB. Surely, there is some lawyer who would be willing to bring a suit? The Canada Health Act is supposed to have enshrined equal access, and anesthesia is a critical part of basic care for labouring women. The BC gov't is failing BC women, clearly.

    Another avenue -- what about forcing the BC health system to provide you with access to anesthesia. After all, if the provincial health system cannot provide a form of basic care, they are supposed to ensure the patient is provided it elsewhere -- either in another province, or in the U.S.

    Have you explored either of these avenues?

  2. I think it is going to take a very public and embarrassing lawsuit to force the BC government to doing anything about the situation -- having read your post about the resignation of Dr. Helliwell, it is clear that they are determined to hold the line (what their possible reasoning could be, I can't begin to fathom!).

    Their decision isn't just inhuman and cruel, it is life-threatening.

  3. I agree that it looks as though litigation might be the most effective way to affect change....