Friday, August 31, 2012

Tokolytic Thoughts at Term

The boy to be is now term - and my only hope is that he stays put until the elective c-section date and time. Since my last OB appointment I've adopted a much more slothful lifestyle - the letter of the final weeks is "R" for rest and relaxation. There will be no more heavy duty gardening (it can wait). Late nights are not going to happen, the dog can do without any long walks, the girl does not need to be carried anywhere, and if it takes me a little longer to get from point a to point b then so be it. While I've learned that sex does not induce labour (that is an old wives' tale) - there will be no nookie. Same goes for spicy foods and pineapples. Further - as soon as its logistically feasible to go to Vancouver, I likely will. That looks like it'll be this upcoming Wednesday.

The logistics would be better if this were my first pregnancy, but it's not and that being the case there's limits to when I can go there, and there will be some trade-offs to doing so. Our lives are in Victoria, and so are all the resources that may be called upon in the event of an "unplanned" labour. It being a second pregnancy, and given the relatively short duration of my first labour - time is unlikely to be a luxury that I will have should the unplanned happen. The time off work that can be taken by my husband is limited...and so as much as I'd like to not be here, now, it really isn't an option until Wednesday.

So until then I'll be thinking tokolytic thoughts and hoping that the labour day long weekend is not taken literally by either the womb dweller or my body.


  1. Sending you good thoughts!

  2. Best of luck, thinking positive thoughts that all goes well. My hope for you is that you will have the birth experience that you want and deserve with a happy and healthy outcome. -Lauren