Saturday, November 9, 2013

Baby, I'd like My Boobs back - Thanks, Love, Mom

I've breastfed my son far longer and far more than I thought I would. I got a little lazy around Christmas last year and neglected to bottlefeed him for a few weeks. At the end - he wouldn't take a bottle. No way, no how. Not of formula, not of pumped boob juice. If it wasn't my boob, he didn't want it. I have been booby-trapped ever since.

It's kind of worked for us though. Aside from the night shift, where my now 14 month old toddler still insists on waking several times a night for some snuggles and some evening nourishment. I mean what's a little sleep deprivation - who really needs more than 3 hours at stretch anyways?

But the Mr. and I would like to go away for a weekend...and well...the boobs cannot be left behind. Furthermore I am ready to move on and would really like to get maybe a 6 or 7 hour stretch of sleep on a consistent basis. So, there's weaning ahead. And if my experience of weaning his big sister from the bottle is anything to go by, well, I don't imagine it'll get any easier - so I may as well bite the bullet and get done with it. That and leaving my mom with a baby who isn't yet weaned for a weekend seems kind of best to get a start on it before that happens.

I get the sense that the wee little W won't be happy - I also know he'll get over it, and he'll still love me, because I'm mom and that has a lot of sway - even if it doesn't come with an all you can eat boob-fet.

But the WHO and their 2 year recommendation can go find a different boob to suck as mine are retiring in the very near future!

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