Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ottawa Public Health Responds

I'll leave the following response from Ottawa Public Health with my readers:

Hello Ms. Williams,

Thank you for your valuable feedback on the Ottawa Public Health Make An Informed Decision About Feeding Your Baby web-page.

In 2013, Ottawa Public Health met the provincial requirement to qualify as a World Health Organization designated Baby-Friendly Initiative health facility. Our website was reviewed by assessors experienced in infant feeding to ensure quality and currency of the information. Our information sources include the World Health Organization, Health Canada, the Best Start Resource Centre.

We wish to reassure you that OPH strives to support all families regardless of the infant feeding decisions they make. Support is available for mothers who are breast-feeding, bottle-feeding with breast milk, or formula feeding. Avenues for offering information and support include prenatal education, Baby Express drop-ins and the Ottawa Public Health Information Line.

We are committed to meeting the needs of our community. The way in which information is presented on our web-site is being reviewed with your concerns in mind.

Many thanks for your interest in this most important subject.



Tania O'Connor, RN, B.Sc.N

Supervisor (A)

Ottawa Public Health

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

If that is what assessors experienced in infant feeding consider "quality and current" information - we have to ask ourselves, who are these people and why do they hate mothers who do not breastfeed so much?

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