Friday, May 21, 2010

Glucose Intolerance

So I flunked my 1 hour GTT at 30 weeks (a pass would have been a score of 7.7 (140) or less, I scored and 8.1 (149)), apparently many women do not pass this test. I met with the nice people at the VGH, as my doctor does not subject people to the 3 hour GTT and was set up with a blood glucose meter and spent some time with a dietician. I am to keep a log of everything I eat and my blood glucose readings (4x a day) over the next week or so. So while a diagnoses of gestational diabetes has not been made, I am 'glucose intolerant'. In general the diet modifications are pretty basic - more protein and less carbs at breakfast (no more big bowl of cereal in the morning for me - now its PB and whole grain toast or whole grain toast and eggs...actually more protein and less carbs in general and less fruit and more vegetables. Oh and of course avoid high concentrations of sugar - so no dessert for me and no more than a half a glass of juice per day. What's surprising is that diet pop is apparently better than mixing juice with club soda.

So far so good, with none of the numbers showing up as being inordinately high, but it has only been 2 days so far. I want to avoid an official diagnoses of GD - so I will likely try to behave myself as much as possible.

Oh and one other thing, my iron levels were low so now I'm on a iron supplement - which should help with my energy levels.

Aside from that the Juno bean seems to be doing well - she's most active first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

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