Wednesday, May 26, 2010

33 Weeks down 7 (at most) to go...

The prenatal appointments are now every two weeks, had the last one yesterday and all was well. I'm up a pound over where I was 3 weeks ago at my last prenatal appointment (I had been up 10 pounds over the previous 2 months, and I'm up 25 pounds over the course of this pregnancy). Baby's heartrate was 145 and my blood pressure was 122/80 so all is good.

I got a referral to an OB/GYN and am waiting to hear back as to when that appointment will be. I will have to have all my reasons for an elective c-section gathered for that appointment, along with all of my supporting documentation...and then cross my fingers that the OB/GYN will be supportive of my request. For all those who think it's about being "Too Posh to Push", they really haven't looked into the issue and how complex it really is. There are risks either way. There is pain either way. There really is no perfect way to tell which way is best for any given woman or any given child before the event and all that remains is what would be best in retrospect.

In this context, is it really possible to make a truly informed decision? I mean, I do not know for certain what a planned vaginal delivery would yield for myself and my child, nor do I know for certain what a planned c-section would yield for myself and my child but it seems that there is greater certainty of experience, comparable risks for myself and less risk of truly adverse outcomes for my child with a planned c-section.

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