Friday, December 30, 2011

Ending the Loneliness of CDMR

There's a group of women, in Canada and in the US, who are poorly understood, often marginalized, and sometimes maligned. All they really want is the right to choose what happens with their own bodies. Most of them are highly educated and well informed. Most of them would fight for another woman's right to informed choice, even if that choice is different from her own. They understand that there is no one 'right' way to birth a child, and that birth, like most other life decisions is very contextual.

Yet, these women are labelled 'Too Posh to Push'. These women, if they are open about their choice, must continually defend it to others. Some achieve their plans. Others do not. For those who do not achieve their plan - it is a lonely place. There is no 'denied elective cesarean awareness network'. There are reams of classes, books and resources for those planning a vaginal birth, a home birth, and a 'natural' birth and plenty of support and sympathy for those who planned but did not achieve that vaginal birth plan. The same cannot be said for those who reject the notion that a vaginal delivery, or at the very least, a trial of labour, is the price of admission to motherhood. The resources are sparse in comparison.

There are a few bright lights, and they are making progress. Pauline Hull of the UK is an amazing resource. Her website and blog are both worthwhile reads. Ms. hull has been instrumental in the recent revisions to the NICE guidelines which give women the right to choose a cesarean delivery. Ms. Eckler is a Canadian journalist who has written about her choice. Dr. Magnus Murphy has co-written a book with Ms. Hull. The birth trauma organizations in both Canada and the UK are also supportive of the cause.

There is as of yet no, 'Cesarean by Choice Awareness Network of North America'....perhaps that is what really needs to change. We need a community and a voice of our own, and moreover, we need to be heard.

So as of today, I, Mrs. W, am venturing on a new project, "The Cesarean by Choice Awareness Network of North America"....details to follow, hopefully soon.

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