Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's International Women's Day

Today is international women's day - a day to reflect on the lives and status of women across the world. A day to think about how the lives and status of women could be improved. A day to actually do something to change the lives and status of women for the better.

Reflect. Think. Do.

It doesn't matter if it is a big thing or a small thing - just do one thing that improves the life and status of women.

Write a blog post.
Tell the women in your life how they have made a difference.
Correct a stereotype.
Dispel a myth.
Raise awareness of an issue of importance to women.
Stand against discrimination.
Be there for a woman in need.
Call-out misogyny for what it is.
Support a woman's right to make legitimate choices.
Applaud those women who have been doing the hard work of making the lives of women better the 364 other days of the year.

Just one thing. Despite it being 2012, there is still a long way to go before the lives and status of women are improved to a point where there is no longer a need for an "International Women's Day". There are still people out who believe that because a person is a woman that she is somehow less. Less entitled to personal autonomy, health care, economic independence, freedom from violance. Less able to be a full member of society. Despite it being 2012, women are still terminated from their employment because they chose to be mothers. Despite it being 2012, women are still struggling to find childcare. Despite it being 2012, women are still defending legitimate choices about whether or not they have children, how they give birth to them, how they feed them and whether or not they stay home with them or rejoin the workforce.

It's time to move forward.
Do one thing.
One small thing.

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