Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Week 12 Looms - Hopefully the Morning Sickness will Soon Pass

Morning sickness is some kind of misnomer - maybe "mourning" sickness would be a better moniker, as it certainly is a sickness that causes some grief and I certainly am mourning the me that used to be able to enjoy eating.

It's also a misnomer, at least for me, as my pregnancy related nausea and vomitting strikes mostly in the evening between 5pm and 8pm. Right now, I'm entering into my 5th week of such pleasantness - and in the last 5 weeks, I can count on my fingers the number of nights where I haven't been praying to the porcelain gods for some kind of mercy - and on most of those nights its been a conscious battle to refrain from spewing. It really is remarkable that I've managed to gain any weight so far during this pregnancy (up one pound) given how little I've been able to actually consume.

I am somewhat relieved to know that as I enter week 12 of this pregnancy that the feeling of general quesiness and light headedness is likely to soon be behind me. I look forward to that happy second trimester when food regains its appeal, but before I resemble some kind of large animal.

In other news, Mr. W and I have decided to purchase the home we have been renting from our landlord. It effectively increases our monthly living expenses by a rather hefty sum (so there will be some budget cutbacks in the W household) - but in the long run is likely to be a decision that we will be happy to have made. I have no illusion of the house as an "investment", I am a bit of a pessimist when it comes to the Canadian housing market (by every metric we are worse than the US at its peak) - but feel that we have gotten a good enough "deal" to mitigate some of the correction that is likely to come, and in 10 years when the mortgage comes for renewal will likely have paid off enough that it is extremely unlikely that we'd be underwater at that point. Everyone has to live somewhere - and there is always a cost to that, regardless of whether one rents or buys.

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