Monday, October 24, 2011

Am I anti-'normal/natural' birth?

In general I would have to say that I am not anti-normal/natural birth.

I know that for myself, it's not an option that I like. It doesn't make me less of a mom. It doesn't make me a bad parent. It doesn't make me think that those who choose natural birth are somehow crazy for wanting that experience - nor do I think that those who enjoy that experience are 'weird'. Rather that given the information I know about myself, and information I know about birth - I prefer medicalized birth (ideally elective pre-labour c-section).

What I wish is that every woman was empowered with the information that she needed to make a choice that best meets her needs and the needs of her baby. This might be normal/natural birth, at a hospital or at a home - or it might be medicalized birth in a hospital.

I also wish that every woman was treated with respect - respect from her careproviders and respect from others about the decisions which are hers and hers alone to make.

So it's not about maternal choice c-sections, or maternal choice planned vaginal births. It's about maternal choice...and that choice should be fully informed and respected.

Quality care needs to be about meeting the needs of mothers and babies - healthy mom, healthy baby should be the goal and that includes physical as well as psychological health.

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