Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Quality care in our system - it does exist!

Today I got a call from my daughter's daycare - they were trying to get a hold of another mom who works on a different floor and with whom I am friends. Her son had fallen while racing around (as toddler's are apt to do) and he had sustained a gash on his forehead that would need stitches. I volunteered to hunt down the mom, and bring her to the daycare (in the same building). I was able to get to my friend within 5 minutes of recieving the call and we were at the daycare a few moments later. We decided to take my car as it was parked closer, and it was also equipped with an appropriate car seat. My friend was in no condition to drive.

We arrived at the RJH emergency department - I dropped of my friend and her son so that they could check in while I parked the car. Not knowing how long the wait would be I put in 2 hours on the meter. As she was checking in, I called the daycare for further details on the injury as we were in such a rush we didn't ask when we picked up the boy. I went to retrieve a soother for the toddler from the car and by the time I got back, the boy and his mom were waiting for treatment. Within 5-10 minutes we were directed to the treatment room where the doctor assessed the gash, and got nurses to restrain the child while he was stiched up. Five stitches later and we were back on our way. The parking meter still had an hour and 30 minutes on it. I was impressed - and the experience was much better than any other experience of the health system I have had in the last year and a half!

From the time I left my desk, to the time I returned it was an hour and fifteen minutes.

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