Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Is the 'Power to Push' campaign dangerous?

In BC there is a well known campaign that is called the Power to Push, and while at first glance it appears to support woman's choices in childbirth, it is decidedly "Pushy" about pushing natural child birth. This is particularly true of it's facebook page.

I have several concerns about the campaign. First, it's intended purpose is to 'push' down the Caesarean section rate in BC. Second, when discussing birth options, very few statistics are given about the relative risks of the options. Third, the benefits of medical intervention are downplayed. Fourth, the risks of natural birth are downplayed.

In short I think the campaign is irresponsible and I'm somewhat concerned that a major hospital (BC Children and Women's - the only hospital in BC with dedicated obstetric anaesthesiology) would support such a biased campaign.

Women need to be empowered to make decisions regarding birth - decisions that are safe and informed. Further, women need access to the services that support those decisions. Failing to provide unbiased and complete information (like real statistics on the risks and benefits) is irresponsible and dangerous.

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