Thursday, October 6, 2011

Am I nuts to consider trying for #2 when nothing in the system has changed??

My husband is on board with the idea that we should begin to try for number 2...that active efforts to prevent pregnancy should cease in the hopes that my daughter will have a little sibling.

Am I nuts for even considering this, NOW? Nothing in Victoria has changed, I am not overly convinced that it will change before the end of the as yet to commence next pregnancy. I'm fairly certain that I will again request a c-section...but am I confident that I'd be able to attain such a birth plan? Not in the slightest. The OBGYN I had last time has decided to go into I'd even have to find another OBGYN who would be sympathetic to the request, and then I'd have to hope (and pray, and hope some more) that the actual resources would be there when I needed them.

What are my options? A private birth, isn't an option in BC - there simply isn't anywhere where I could even 'pay' to ensure that I'd have access to an epidural/c-section....Perhaps birthing in Alberta? But again that might not be entirely realistic....

And what if its just a replay of the show I've already the happy ending good enough? Do I just lay back and let my autonomy as a woman be violated again? --there goes my jaw, it's clenched again.

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  1. Canada needs to have a private option! It is unethical to withhold certain medical procedures without giving you a valid alternative. I disagree with elective c/s being paid for within the healthcare plan, but I believe women should have the choice to pay for their own birth preference.