Monday, January 23, 2012

The Canadian Referral Process

I had my appointment with my GP today to get a referral - I spent more than half the time crying. I told her that I do not want to be referred to Dr. X or Dr. Y because of what happend last time - that I did not want a vaginal birth last time and after being bumped for 2 days wound up with an epidural free vaginal birth. Under no circumstances do I want a vaginal birth this time. I gave her the names of 3 OBGYNs that I'd prefer to be referred to - the problem is that in Canada OBGYNs generally don't handle uncomplicated pregnancies. The practice in BC is to refer to a general practitioner who does maternity care or a midwife - then have that person refer to an OBGYN at 33-35 weeks. My problem with this, is that waiting until 33-35 weeks is cutting things just a little bit close. How do you establish a relationship at that point? How do you trust that they'll go to bat for you at that point? Worse, if you don't like who you're referred to, is there enough time to get a referral somewhere else?

Why is it that only women who desire vaginal births, deserve continuity of care?

I'm hoping one of the OBGYNs on the list will take me on...sooner as opposed to later. If it's not possible, I should just firm up my plan to deliver in the US - and consider it the price to pay for piece of mind.

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