Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ontario Considers Covering Cesareans Only When "Medically Neccessary"

I am astounded and dumbfounded at news that the Ontario Ministry of
is considering delisting (not paying for) cesarean sections that are not "medically neccessary". It is a move that is at best short sighted, and at worst a blatent violation of pregnant women's charter rights.

Given that fewer than 1-2 percent of all women request a c-section to deliver their child and that the cost difference between planned vaginal delivery and planned cesarean delivery is debatable in the long run - this moves seems mean spirited. Putting women who do not want a vaginal delivery through a vaginal delivery is not quality care. It often has very tragic consequences, including PTSD and PPD.

I would strongly encourage the Ontario Ministry of Health to find other areas to curb costs - particularly as in Canada there is no private option to give birth.

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