Monday, January 16, 2012

Daunting Prospects

I haven't made an appointment with a maternity/prenatal care provider yet. In part, because I don't know who to trust. With Juno, I had peed on a stick in the morning and had made an appointment with my Dr. for a referral to a maternity doctor before morning coffee break. The positive pregnancy test was 5 days ago...

The prospect of finding somebody to trust is daunting. I would prefer an OBGYN to a maternity doctor - but for the most part you need to be referred to an OBGYN by your Dr./Maternity Care Provider. I wish I could self refer, meet a few of them and figure out who might be a best bet in this situation. I hate the idea of repeating what in hindsight may have been a mistake last time.

On the same token I know that its important to plan as though plan A for whatever reason won't materialize. I could go into labour early (given how quickly things progressed last time with me doing everything I could to not assist the progression - this is a very scary thought). I could wind up with a complication that would make travel ill advised. I could find myself with a bonafide 'medical indication' for a c-section. All of which might make plan A infeasable/unneccessary. All of which makes having somebody I can trust here, somebody who will go to bat for me here, that much more important.

So who?

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  1. Best of luck, Mrs W. I can imagine how stressful this is...