Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is a Maternal Request C-Section Like Cosmetic Surgery??

No, no, no, no a thousand times over. An elective c-section is not like cosmetic surgery and claiming that it is serves no purpose other than to denigrate those who would choose it for the delivery of their child and validate delisting (not being covered under public health insurance) much as Ontario is currently considering doing (see last post).

A pregnant woman MUST deliver her child. There is a legitimate NEED for delivery to occur, and delivery can only occur one of two ways: vaginally or surgically by way of c-section. For most conditions, the patient has a right to choose what treatment they will pursue to address that condition. Generally speaking, not all courses of treatment are covered under medicare but of those that are, the patient should have a right to choose among them. Delivery by way of c-section at term is an effective and proven method of giving birth that is generally considered safe for both mothers and children with risks and benefits that are different from vaginal birth.

Now a woman who is not pregnant that asks for a c-section (absent mental health problems) - THAT is directly comparable to "cosmetic surgery" and shouldn't be covered by the public purse.


  1. There is no comparison between these two.Cosmetic surgery is totally different thing there is no connection between these two.

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